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ASI Final Report A16Q0117 - Ghosts of Centaur

ASI Final Report A16Q0117— Unscheduled Quantum Jump and Unpredicted Solar Flare


On 0787117 2898 two leased MISC M118 Starfarer’s (Ship names: Lake Shore Drive, and Serena) equipped with extended LEG cargo cylinders were flying on a scheduled flight between Centauri V and Borea. The two vehicles departed their first Quantum Jump roughly 100,000kms from  Centauri a type A main sequence star with a total of 10 crew members aboard.

Upon an unscheduled Quantum jump route change, to a frequently used “shortcut” route. The crew experienced an unpredicted solar flare eruption from Centauri.  During which their quantum field became disrupted and the two Starfarers lost quantum stability and exited quantum travel. At which point the two spacecraft became exposed to radiation an extended heating of the two spacecraft and fuselage. The toughened hulls became enwrapped in ejected material from the star, as the crew were exposed to an integrated dose of 800,000 rads from electrons.

All structural components of the two spacecraft have been observed to have survived the initial exposure. Observations have noted that the vehicles are charred or “burnt to a crisp” and due to their close proximity to the star, no salvaging attempt or extensive analysis has been performed.

All relevant information used from this analysis was extracted by the remote flight recorder.

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