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At Altama Energy, our employees across the UEE are working together towards the common goal of making the UEE more productive and improving the lives for citizens of the stars. Altama Energy has taken processes as primitive as crystallized Hydrogen synthesis, and used that as a means to improve the life quality of all of its customers. To summarize what we do, we provide the ingredients to manufacture faster, cleaner, quieter and safer.

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"If you have a good idea and you believe in it, Altama will help you make it happen."

Sharon Lang
Account Manager - Terra, Terra

Making our universe more productive

For more than 100 years, Altama Energy has taken something as fundamental as air and turned it into ways to make plants operate cleaner and more productive, food taste better, breathing easier and manufacturing processes more efficient — in short, to make all our lives better. Altama Energy is one of the world’s largest industrial gases businesses and you can see our products and services at work every day, often without realizing it. Learn more about our company

Current Opportunities

Starfarer Pilot, Stanton - 13300-001

Responsible for safe, professional and precise execution of duties as “ Pilot In Command” or “Second In Command” of aircraft conducting commercial passenger and cargo. Conforms and complies with organizational, UEE and international flight procedures and regulations, ensuring spacecraft is worthy and in compliance with with safety management and other organizational policies. Coordinate with air carrier dispatch and maintenance departments to ensure all organizational requirements are satisfied. Responsible for passenger safety and comfort, including the cultivation of customer satisfaction and perception of professionalism and safety, through face to face personal interactions.

Starfarer Flight Engineer (2) - 18400-001, 18400-002

The Flight Engineer is responsible for monitoring all vehicle engine and control systems, and specialized equipment while in flight. They also perform pre-flight and post-flight inspections when the aircraft is away from home station. They accomplish many of the aerospace maintenance, loadmaster and other functions away from home that individual specialists would do at the home station.

Starfarer Captain, Stanton - 13900-001

Altama Energy is looking for an easy-going individual to be a part of the company's future vision with an ever-growing group of sponsors and partnerships.
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