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Our Sustainability Program

Sustainability is at the heart of Altama’s strategy. Our business is a century business and I believe that our company will only prosper over the long term if we operate safely and fulfill a positive role in society. In particular, the terraforming and colonisation transition poses a significant challenge and how we accommodate drastic demand in energy consumption, and at the same time, reducing unwanted greenhouse gases. Every part of our business has a tremendous contribution to bring to this.

Large companies have responsibilities to multiple group. There is a great deal of pride in Altama in that it can provide returns for shareholders, and tax revenues that contribute to the growth and longevity of the UEE to maintain the safety of humanity; in addition to jobs for staff and suppliers, as well as heat light and mobility for our customers. We help enable billions enjoy higher standard of living around the galaxy. In recent months, we have set out our strategy for the coming decades, integrating our ambition to be a safe, strong, successful business with our aspiration to be a good star citizen and part of the solution to planetary stability.

Our strategic framework is rooted in society’s need to use more energy while reducing industrial emissions. It reflects a changing galactic fuel mix in which hydrogen remains important but is used more efficiently, and quantum fuels that represent the next generation of humanity’s mobility.

The four priorities of our strategic framework are aligned with these trends.
First, we plan to run a highly competitive upstream business with an expanding resources portfolio.
Second we will have a market-led downstream business providing fuels and chemical refining. Third, creating a new construction and manufacturing arm for sustainable colonies. Fourth, we will use all of these businesses with an ongoing drive to modernize Altama Energy and maximize efficiency in ways which are good for business and good for the environment.

In 2946, these steps to build a sustainable future came at the same time as we responded to the short-term pressures of the business environment and war effort. It was the responsibility of Altama Energy to maintain critical investments for safety and future growth while acting to control costs and increase our operational financial resilience.

Safety will always be our top priority and the record for last year shows that we broadly held the gains made since 2935, with many fewer incidents and injuries across the business. This was in a year in which we increased our activities, with an additional 13 million hours of working time.

Our future depends on our people - their health, safety, capability and dedication. In 2944, I was encouraged to see in our surveys that their levels of confidence, pride and trust rose, despite tough circumstances and a further reduction in staff numbers. That says a lot about the resilience and spirits of the Altama team. I am also proud that we have a truly interstellar, diverse workforce, with large numbers of star citizens.

Wherever we work, we stand by our values of safety, respect, excellence, courage and one team. There is still much to do, but if we can continue to deliver meaningful benefits to our many stakeholders as well as building a business that is both economically and environmentally sound, then I believe Altama can look ahead to a successful future as a sustainable business in a sustainable universe.

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